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August 19, 2013

SmartBar_WebMix up more than just your drink offerings at the bar with these fun products. These cool new ideas cut back on labor costs, eliminate over-poured drinks, save on time of service, and add a unique feature to your event bar.

Smartender by SmartBar USA
The Smartender automatic beverage system from SmartBar USA allows guests to choose any drink from the extensive recipe library that will be poured instantaneously! The preloaded drink options optimize service with accurate measurements to reduce over-pours. The system holds up to 16 liquor bottles, 15lbs of ice and a 3 tray garnish bin, putting everything you need within arms reach.


BeerCityGlass_WebBeer City Glass
For the beer or wine enthusiast, serve your drinks in customized bottles. Beer City Glass prints custom designs on glass, metal and plastic bottles. In addition to wine bottle printing, they can also customize beer growlers, drink cans and bottles of booze in multiple sizes and colors to use as favors at your events.


Pour My Beer
PourMyBeer_WebThese unique and innovative self-service systems put the open bar back in the hands of the guests. With built-in and portable options for both your walls and spaces throughout the facility, Pour My Beer makes getting a drink convenient without the need for a bartender, freeing them up for specialty drink service. You can also set the system up to control payments using RFID readers and wristbands if open bar service is not available.


Keg Cooler
Another self-service system, the Keg Cooler from Meese Orbitron Dunne Company keeps Kegcooler_Webbeer, soda, wine and other beverages chilled during your event without the need for ice. These portable coolers make it easy to get your kegs to where they need to be without straining your muscles by carrying kegs from coolers to the bar. The built-in cup holder on the top also allows you to keep glasses close to the keg for guests to use throughout the event.


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