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December 26, 2012

Giant Cupcake Machine

Your guests will not believe their eyes when they encounter this six-foot-tall cupcake machine. Each custom-made cupcake is nestled in a protective pod that is recyclable. You simply drop in a token, turn the dial and out comes your delicious cupcake. The unit holds 2,000 cupcakes, and is currently available for rental in the five boroughs of New York. It made its debut during Fashion Week, and was an instant hit--even with the models! Comes with iPad stand and recycling bin.  connect...212.842.0220 or


Bar Caddy Goes Digitalbar caddy

It goes without saying that guests love to gather around the bar, and here's a new idea for creating another branding or sponsor touch point for your event. The CommCaddy is not just your typical bar caddy that only holds napkins and straws. It also contains a wireless video display that can deliver branding and event information, including descriptions of signature drinks, promotions for after parties or sponsor messages. The manufacturer says that it is a plug-n-play concept, simple to set up and download your content 24/7 via the internet.  connect...877.498.8031 or


Luxurious Satin
Crushed Gloss Satin is the newest addition to Rose Brand's growing line of satins. This rich and glossy fabric has textural highlights that beautifully catch light and add depth to any tablescape or event décor.  It is 58 inches wide, flame retardant-treated and available in seven colors.  connect...



Dekovase Goes Wild

Your favorite accessory is now available in a collection of wild animal prints. Dekovase is  custom-made to match your event or theme, so you can add your own special touches at no additional charge.  Even better, Dekovase is break-resistant, water-resistant and recyclable. Standard sizes range from 6 to 12 inches high. connect...714.808.9506

Stacking Cubes


Get your creative juices flowing with this modular display that can be used for centerpieces, food items or whatever you fancy. Three compartment trays come in various heights for great visibility. Optional ice trays are available. Choose clear, tinted, neon or translucent colors. Overall dimension is 16 by 16 inches. connect...718.871.2000


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