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Leftover Strawberries? Try This Recipe!

Strawberry Hibiscus Fruit Roll Ups filled with Brie Cheese and garnished with Strawberry Crispies and Micro Basil

30 Servings:

2 lb.      Leftover Frozen Strawberries (Or Strawberries that are about to go bad)
4 tsp.    Honey
.15 oz.  Dried Hibiscus Flowers
2 tsp.    Sugar
.6 Tbl.   Light Corn Syrup
6 oz.     Brie Cheese
1 oz.     Strawberry Crispies (For Garnish)
1 oz.     Micro Basil (For Garnish)

Strawberry Hibiscus Fruit Roll
- Take greens off of strawberries and slice in half.  Combine strawberries with the dried hibiscus flowers (in a sachet) and simmer in a pot on medium heat until strawberries have softened.
- Discard sachet. Transfer mixture to a blender and mix in honey, sugar, and light corn syrup.
- Blend until smooth and strain through fine mesh strainer.
- Line a 1/4 sheet pan with parchment and spray with non-stick pan spray and wipe away excess oil.
- Ladle approximately 9 oz of the mix onto the 1/4 sheet pans and tilt pan to spread evenly.
- Dehydrate at 135*F for approximately 4 hours or until set.

- Trim the white off the Brie and transfer to a mixer with a paddle attachment.
- Mix Brie until soft and pliable

- Peel fruit leather from pan and spread an even layer of Brie on one whole side of the fruit leather.
- Cut into 1 1/4" x 3" strips and roll into pin wheels

- Pack extra whipped Brie in a piping bag

-Dot whipped brie on top with micro basil and sprinkle of Strawberry Crispies.