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Secrets for a Successful Theme Party Experience

Choosing a fun and unusual theme, such as a Moroccin' The Night Away, is a refreshing change from a typical themed affair. The first step to planning your Moroccan-themed event is to set the scene.

Set the scene with a tented Moroccan lounge with low seating and tables.


It’s elemental

Location and décor are the two most important elements to consider when setting the scene for your Moroccan event. Once you have decided upon the ideal location for your party, transforming this venue with décor can be a challenging task. In most major metropolitan areas, you can usually find authentic Moroccan décor such as leather poufs, brass tables, and royal Moroccan caidal tents. Moroccan style linens and/or overlays combined with candles, lanterns, florals, and tea glass votives are essential elements for the tabletop treatments.

Tall florals add visual interest


Themed décor alternatives

When authentic décor is not available, low tables from your party rental store and brightly colored floor cushions are great substitutes. A traditional American white tend can be transformed with colorful drapes and exotic lighting. For even more Moroccan decorating tips check out a Moroccan Decor Pinterest Board.


Themed cuisine

Your guests will be eager to try unique party dishes of Moroccan Cuisine. After all, what’s a party without spice?


Traditional Moroccan fare

A popular Moroccan dish, known as couscous, is a traditional Berber dish made of semolina. On House and Garden’s UK website, you can find 14 unique couscous recipes to prepare for your Moroccan event or Mezza dishes which are small plates, dips, and salads meant to be served as an appetizer course with drinks, as a light meal, or as a full course meal. Presentation is best in ceramic tagines (conical shaped pottery serving dishes) and decorated ceramic plates.

Dessert tables with samovars and thematic cakes, for example a "smoking" genie's lantern cake, along with a tea station with traditional mint tea service, are wonderfully entertaining experiences for the guests. Click here for more cuisine ideas and for dessert ideas.


Entertaining guests

If you are planning a Moroccan themed party, entertainment should be an important part of the event. Belly dancers accompanied by musicians are some of the most popular forms of entertainment along with snake charmers, fire artists, and hookahs (water pipes called Shishas with flavored tobacco.)

Belly dancers and Moroccan musicians

Dancing with fire is another type of Moroccan dance and entertainment that will undoubtedly impress your party guests. Fire dancers truly bring that ‘wow factor’ to every event whether is be fire breathing, balancing, juggling, or fire torches and props.


Hookah lounge

A hookah is a single or multi-hosed water pipe for vaporizing and/or smoking flavored tobacco called Shisha (Shisha is available with or without nicotine in it). The smoke is passed through the water basin before inhalation. Hookah tents and lounges at parties are a very popular way to guarantee a unique and exotic party.

For information on how to prepare a Hookah, you can view a how-to video on YouTube.


Invite snake charmers

A sure way to attract the attention of the crowd is by introducing a snake charmer at your event. Snake charmers are intriguing Moroccan entertainers who spark interest and enthusiasm at every event. These performers only work with friendly, non-venomous snakes that are used to being handled at parties. To learn more about having snakes or other animals at your party such as a camel, read Zohar Productions’ blog on hiring exotic animals for your special event.

Snake charmers provide a wonderful photo opportunity for party guests. For a sneak peak at exciting performances and decor, view our Moroccan entertainment video on YouTube.


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Laura LeRoy is founder and president of Zohar Productions, Inc. an award winning event planning company specializing in themed events. Laura has over 30 years experience in entertainment and event planning services. Originally based in the metropolitan New York  area, Zohar Productions now serves a number of additional metropolitan areas with local resources, including the following area: Los Angeles, Phoenix, Boston, Washington DC and Miami. Laura can be reached directly at[email protected] or by calling 800-658-0258.