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Resolving a Client Conflict

How you deal with conflict says a lot about your business and you as a person so make sure you do it right. While it may be difficult, you’ll come out better for it in the end if you stay kind, humble and communicative through it all.


Sensitivity soothes

Being nice seems like a given. However, we know it’s easy to get frustrated at times. Always be sensitive to your client’s needs and requests. Listen to what they have to say and determine if it’s something you’re willing to do. If you are, make peace with that decision and do it gracefully. Don’t resent them for making you do it. If you’re not willing to do it, try to come up with different solutions. They hired you to make it all run smoothly so here’s where your problem solving skills will come in handy! If you remain kind throughout the process, your clients will only have great things to say about you to other potential clients. It’s a win, win!

Humble helps

Being humble is always a good reminder! We’ve been doing our jobs for a long time but an arrogant attitude will get you nowhere with a client. While you may be the expert, you need to be open to hearing other views and opinions. If their way won’t work, explain to them why instead of blaming it on their lack of experience. They will be much more receptive and willing to be flexible to an equal partner who is willing to justify problems and solutions with them.

Communication cools

ALWAYS communicate in a timely manner. I can’t stress this one enough. I’ve seen so many relationships sour and bridges burned because of a lack of communication so do not let this happen to you with your clients. If there is a conflict, talk to them about it. Ask them questions, get to the root of the issue, and work to solve it from there. The more you communicate, the more you and your client will understand each other and you can work to resolve the problem but failing to communicate will only result in you and your client creating your own misconceptions about each other in your minds.

Stick to these three things and you’ll be the best representative for your business you can be. You’ll be known by potential new clients and industry professionals alike for your excellent customer service.


Leila Lewis is known as the Wedding PR expert over at Be Inspired PR.

Leila Lewis

Founder and CEO, Be Inspired PR