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Re-Thinking Event Team Strategies in the Off Season

In the events industry, busy seasons leave little time for reflection on goals, performance, and environment. The approaching off-season, then, should not only be a time of renewal and rest; it should also be the opportunity you take to analyze your business trajectory and check in with your most important assets—your team members. Creating a cohesive group with common goals, high standards, and impeccable performance may seem like an enormous challenge, but you can lay the groundwork for all of those if you use your off-season wisely.

Review your achievements & opportunities for growth together

Set aside time when you not only review your operations on your own or with management, but with your team as well. Solicit perspective from the front line. Take your best and “worst” events and present them as scenarios for discussion and discovery. Ask your team what they would do the same and what they would differently, as well as what made each event unique. Make sure that you hear from every team member, not just your vocal ones, or only the natural leaders. Value everyone’s input and make it safe to share thoughts without judgment or criticism.

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Next, ask your team to help you plan for the future. What kind of technology might you introduce to make their jobs easier or your product better? Do any tools need to be updated? Are there physical renovations that need to take place, or gaps in communication between each other (or with clients) that could be narrowed? What products or services were your best sellers during the past year, and which ones didn’t move? Did clients ask for anything your team could not deliver?

Prioritize with your team

Once you’ve identified many ideas for improving the business overall, choose target areas for the next year, then set goals with your team. The more invested each individual is in the growth and health of your company, the better your results, and the more satisfied and productive your staff will be.

Celebrate a job well done

During the busy season there is little extra time. Event pros become tired, stressed, and suffer the effects of missing out on contact with their family and friends. When an opportunity presents itself, say thank you. You could bring in a local food truck for lunch or for a fun coffee break. If you manage a small group, choose gifts that speak to each person’s unique strengths and personality. Demonstrate that you recognize your business is only as strong as the team and that you cannot do it alone.

Each event business defines success in its own way. All event businesses, though, are only as strong as their human assets. Make your off-season a powerful time of renewal and redirection for your team so together you can maximize your results during the rest of the year.

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Heather Jones

Catering Sales Director

Heather Jones is the Catering Sales Director for Wente Vineyards, a family-owned property that is home to a winery and vineyards, a golf course, restaurant, and a handful of unique facilities for hosting weddings and special events.