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Lighting and Décor: Considerations for Corporate Events

While social events may be all about the glitz and glam, corporate events run the gamut from extravagant to understated. Rather than the romantic, whimsical feel that is characteristic of weddings, professional events find other ways to dazzle their attendees.

So what considerations should you keep in mind while planning the lighting and décor for your next corporate event?

The Brand

When it comes to selecting a color palette, consider opting for neutral tones, which allow the company’s brand to take center stage. Unless the event has a specific theme, complex color schemes can conflict and, depending on the nature of the business, certain colors may not be suitable. In the end, always be sure that the colors fit the atmosphere.

As corporate events are representative of the overall company, it’s key to ensure that the lighting and décor used are in line with its identity and values. For example, if a certain business prides itself on a simplistic approach, perhaps an over-the-top extravaganza is not the way to go. On the other hand, it may be more suitable for detail-oriented companies that value “the little things.”

The Budget

Whether it’s a simple luncheon or an elegant gala, you’ll have to work within certain budgetary restrictions that will affect the overall lighting and décor. Oftentimes, corporate events will need to allot portions of a budget to things beyond lighting and décor, such as gift bags, awards, or speaker fees. Even still, professional companies may want to invest in top-of-the-line catering or exceptional entertainment, so it’s imperative to have a good understanding of what budget you’re working with and how your client expects you to allocate resources.

The Venue

It shouldn’t be surprising that the event space is an important factor for planning the design, but it goes beyond the basics of size, capacity, and location. While size is certainly of foremost importance, especially if the event requires a stage, it’s also crucial to understand the other details included in the venue contract.

How much time is allowed for setup? There is a big difference between having a whole day to prepare and being let in only hours before the start time. Although this factor may be beyond your control, you may need to consider tailoring the complexity of the set up to ensure it’s completed in time. The venue may also carry safety rules, so make it a priority to abide by those regulations. For example, if the site has strict policies regarding open flames, you’ll want to opt for battery-operated candles in place of traditional wax candles.

The Purpose
Last but not least, consider the purpose of the event. This will often dictate the level of lighting and décor that is expected, so be prepared to go conservative if it’s an afternoon lunch-and-learn and to pull out all the stops for that end-of-the-year gala. The purpose also has a great effect on the formality of the event and the time of day, both of which play into the design of the event. More often than not, events are more formal in the evening which is perfect for the dramatic uplighting that will light up the room—something that will have much more of an impact after the sun goes down. On the flipside, afternoon events tend to harbor on the business casual side of things, so simplicity is often the key to events during the workday.

When it comes down to it, there are a number of factors that will help you determine the right amount of décor and lighting for an event. Keep the company’s brand on your mind to ensure that the event design is suitable for their identity and you can’t go wrong!


Audrey Isaac is the spokesperson for, an online market that pairs high quality candles with unmatched customer service. From weddings and birthdays to holiday parties and fundraisers has enjoyed celebrating life’s biggest moments along with their customers since 2002.


Audrey Isaac

Audrey Isaac is the spokesperson of 100 Candles, a wholesale market for candles and lights. Since 2002, thousands of wedding and event professionals have entrusted 100 Candles with their wholesale candle accounts. For more information, please visit