Inside The Great Gatsby Premiere Party

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May 20, 2013

In the after-party of the decade, Samantha Sackler Productions brought to life the outrageous and lively atmosphere of a Jay Gatsby party, allowing guests of the exclusive movie premiere to revel in the opulence and decadence of the 1920s.

The Grand Ballroom of The Plaza Hotel in New York was transformed into Gatsby's mansion for nearly 700 VIP guests, including the talented cast and production teams from Baz Lurhman's film adaptation of the iconic American novel, The Great Gatsby. In a stunning display of elegance and grandeur, the production team captured the energy of the newly released film to create an event worthy of carrying Gatsby's name. Guests, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire, were whisked down a topiary-lined pathway amidst a soundscape of crackling gravel and chirping birds straight into Gatsby's home, where they were greeted by an 8-tier champagne tower and a fun photo opportunity before entering the jaw-dropping display in the Grand Ballroom. Complete with an 8-piece live band blaring the upbeat music of the roaring twenties, the ballroom was adorned with lavish decor from large topiaries to a stunning 10-foot chandelier covered in orchids and crystal accents to thousands of hand-painted butterflies suspended from the ceiling. The Gatsby-inspired line of furniture used throughout the event, featuring vintage suede sofas and bars branded with the "JG" initials, were custom-made by designer8* Event Furniture Rental. "The attention to detail--the thin black piping on the sofas contrasting with the champagne-colored suede and the geometric shapes at the bases of the coffee tables working so well with the glass tops--is what made us feel as though, just for a night, we truly were alive and thriving in Jay Gatsby's prime," described Samantha Sackler, CEO of Samantha Sackler Productions. In true '20s fashion, just past 11:00pm the ballroom was transformed into a dark and sexy speakeasy. The stage curtains closed and performers wearing costumes from the movie paraded through the ballroom with oversized champagne bottles lit with sparklers. Linens were pulled from the tables revealing vintage barrels of bourbon and celebrity performer DJ Cassidy came to center stage as the over-the-top transformation was completed right in front of the guests. It was these entertaining factors that truly brought out the revelry of the era and kept guests excited throughout the evening. "We wanted to recreate the elaborate, extravagant atmosphere of a Gatsby party as authentically as possible, to make everyone feel as though they were really living out the scenes they had just seen on the big screen," explained Sackler. "The official costumes from the movie, the band, the food, the furniture--everything was as it would have been in Gatsby's world." No stranger to high-profile events, Samantha Sackler Productions has also produced premiere parties for recent films Gangster Squad, Argo and The Croods, in addition to over 1,000 events to date. A night to remember, the party was a fitting tribute to Jay Gatsby and the new production. And though the party may have ended, it never truly stops for those who experienced this star-studded event. Click here for more behind the scenes details from the event. eNews May 2013

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