The Importance of Trends

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February 03, 2014


Whenever I hear the word trend around December I start to feel dizzy.

It seems like all of a sudden everybody has a crystal ball and the next 12 months become magically certain.

I believe trends are a great use for the industry. They can inspire your work big time.They can also give you a feeling of the zeitgeist, what the collective is valuing right now.

The Importance of Trends

Inspiration and awareness are two big components of being successful. To the stage where research has shown that those businesses who develop a reputation for innovation can afford not to compete on price alone.

Every year I publish a piece about event trends on my blog. This instantly becomes the most read article for the whole year. I believe this is because I take a different approach to researching trends and the reader usually likes it.

Not All Trends Are Created Equal

Startups are at the core of innovation in several industries; meetings and special events included.

Having been following event tech since 2007, we have categorized more than 900 technology providers. This solid base gives us a clear sign of a specific technology being picked up by more startups.

Therefore, when we spot several companies doing the same thing, we immediately spot the trend and take note. Mainly because both developers and investors decided there is market viability for that idea.

This is how we came up with our 10 Event Trends annual list.

OK, But What About #Eventprofs?

Yet all of the above is still a speculation of what we think may be working. It lacks the reality check of event professionals.

This is why we introduced voting and I will be glad to announce the results of hundreds of votes during #CSES2014.

Summing up all of the above factors will give you a clear indication of what market providers and investors think will be hot in 2014.

So What About the Trends?

It will be my pleasure to review them in detail with you during my session. For the time being I can tell you that 2014 will be defined by collaboration, engagement and participation.

The 2014 attendee is generally bored of being passive, they want to step up and own the experience.

How to Prep for My Session at Event Solutions?

Don’t worry; I am not going to give you any homework. As I expect a very active audience I would love to start collecting any question you may have in relation to tech trends for 2014. Just tweet @tojulius with hashtag #CSES2014.

In the meanwhile you can review my 10 Event Trends piece here and I promise I won’t bring any crystal ball with me.

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