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Idea Book: ACE 2018 Award Winner CL22 Productions Inc.

The Achievement in Catering & Events (ACE) awards honor those who have worked tirelessly to keep their clients thrilled and their companies on the cutting edge. Each year, caterers and event planners from around the globe submit their best work from the past year in hopes of being recognized as the best in the industry. Catersource’s annual awards show, also including the ICA CATIE awards, took place in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace on February 19, 2018.

Each company submitted two events for ACE consideration. Here is a look at the two events that earned CL22 Productions Inc the title of Winner in Events West over $2 Million in revenue.

ONE: A Carnival With a Mission: The Orthopaedic Institute for Children’s Annual “Stand for Kids” Gala

Photo courtesy CL22

Fundraising became fun-raising when CL22 transformed a classic venue into a Bohemian Renaissance theme. Guests were warmly welcomed into a recreation of a Marrakech marketplace, complete with Grand Raj Tends, roving “gypsies,” and Moroccan street music. A performer dressed as a peacock presented a unique photo-op.

One of the most outstanding aspects of the evening, however, was the clever use of the marketplace to raise money for the non-profit. The silent auction was designed as a bohemian storefront and Ozzie the hospital’s mascot was turned into an oversized bank, as a magician encouraged donors to “feed Ozzie.” The live auction was led by a costumed performer. The décor and theatrics paid off and the charity’s fundraising goal for the evening was exceeded by almost 25 percent and attendance was up 16 percent over goal.

Cynthia Lopell, President of C22, calls the evening a cross of “Venetian Carnival meets Rock and Roll, with a diversified mix of hippie, nomad, and gypsy lifestyles and the adventure those bring.”

This was a unique, creative, and colorful event that clearly paid off—not only in that adventure but also fun memories and fundraising!

Every table came alive with color and exotic blooms. Photo courtesy CL22

Guests were transported into a magical marketplace. Photo courtesy CL22

Themed entertainment provided guests with photo opps and joy. Photo courtesy CL22

Applications for the 2019 ACE Awards have closed, but you can cheer on the winners at the Spark! Awards Gala on February 25, 2019 in New Orleans, LA, featuring the culinary skills of Chef Curtis Stone and his team from Curtis Stone Events. Click here for more information!

TWO: An Out-of-This-World Path to Curing Lupus

The “Rocket to a Cure” fundraiser was themed as a VIP space travel experience at the California Science Center. Every part of the venue was transformed into a stellar moment, from the Space Age Illuminated Cocktail Lounge to the Buzz Aldrin’s Tang rimmed cocktail.

Guests could get a Tang-y taste from this custom astronaut-themed cocktail, the Buzzed Aldrin. Photo courtesy CL22

LED light-changing globe centerpieces gravitated above bars and buffets and spherical arrangements of outer-worldly flora were under-lit to magnify their color and mood. The celestial color scheme of cool blues, platinum greys, and shimmering opalescence was carried through the linens, chairs, dining tables, stage, and draping.

The Space Shuttle Endeavour provided a natural centerpiece for the room and was underlit with the colors of the evening. Says Cynthia Lopell, President of CL22, “The whole dining room seemed to be elevated above the ground and free-floating in the atmosphere, with a surround lounge of dynamic hues captured behind Milky-Way Plexi, engulfing guests in the galaxy of our design.”

“Houston, we have a problem!” was the catchword of the day, but CL22 was able to creatively overcome some of the last-minute challenges, including a two-hour installation window and a limited power supply.

CL22 prides itself on designing theatrically innovative guest experiences. “Every event needs a little drama!” proclaims Lopell.

Every guest was a star, with the space shutter hovering above. Photo courtesy CL22

Lighting was truly other-worldly throughout the venue. Photo courtesy CL22

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