Fall Color Inspiration

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September 25, 2013


A couple weeks ago PANTONE released their 2013 Fall Color Predictions and we’ve already seen them incorporated in this season’s events! Here are some beautiful color combinations that are making their way into events across the country as the weather turns colder.


Although green is a popular color choice for spring and summer events, three different shades are on the palette for fall. From Linden Green to Deep Lichen Green to the 2013 Color of the Year, Emerald, you can expect to see these options in your color palettes for events through October.

Linden Green Tabletop

This tablescape combines Linden Green and some Deep Lichen Green for a natural garden feel.

Emerald Table Décor

Emerald Event Lighting

Acai is a rich, exotic color that embodies the status of royalty with dark purple tones.Purple Tablescape

Purple and Orange Dessert Table

Koi is a deep orange that can be combined with any fall colors for a bright and beautiful accent. Above, you can see Koi highlights on an Acai tablescape and below you can see multiple combinations with floral and décor.

Orange Floral

Each of these floral bouquets offers an example of color combinations for fall. On the left we have Koi, Samba and Vivacious, while on the right we see Carafe, Koi and some Acai.

Orange and Blue Décor

Mykonos Blue carries inspiration from across the world in the Greek isles where the island of Mykonos boasts signature painted blue doors and domes. The color is bold and adds brightness to traditional blue palettes.

Blue and Orange Favors

As seen in the image above, this shade of blue pairs well with the deep Koi orange.

Blue Event Tent

The dark gray of Turbulence casts an enchanting shadow on an event space. Shades of gray are commonly used to highlight featured colors, but this beautiful shade can stand on its own with subtle mood lighting and textured décor.Gray Décor

Gray Event Setting

Samba and Vivacious offer stunning shades of red, which create breathtaking palettes for events.

These Samba pinwheels create a stunning backdrop.

These Samba pinwheels create a stunning backdrop.

Vivacious pink and Koi orange combine for a bright look.

Vivacious pink and Koi orange combine for a bright look.

And finally, we tone it down with a neutral color trend! Carafe is a warm, chocolate brown that creates a cozy environment, especially when paired with the brighter shades above. Carafe Brown Poms

Deep Lichen Green and Carafe create a natural fall tablescape.

Deep Lichen Green and Carafe create a natural fall tablescape.

Bright shades took over the summer and we can only expect for them to continue weaving their way through fall event décor. These cross-seasonal shades offer clients a wide variety of color combinations and palettes to create a unique and intriguing event.

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