DIY Confetti Party

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December 17, 2013

We originally saw this fun idea on Design Sponge in a post about using confetti and fell in love with the idea! Confetti_Web

Often at events, we struggle to find unique ways to celebrate, share excitement and keep guests entertained. With holiday parties well under way, what better time is there to introduce (or reintroduce) you to the Confetti Bar? This creative spin on using confetti will keep guests busy as they mix their own confetti in preparation for the event's big moments. A Confetti Bar at a wedding or a New Year's Eve party could keep guests entertained while they wait for those highly anticipated moments: the bridal couple's entrance, first kiss, midnight on New Year's Eve, etc. There are dozens of unique options, from the type of packaging to the materials used. You could have guests pack a bag, cup, push-pop, you name it, with a confetti mixture of cut paper bits, pre-shaped confetti, rice or even flowers, and when the time comes they are ready to let it fly! Confetti_Web1 Some stations may need more monitoring than others (for instance if you use push-pops, as seen below, you may need to guide guests on how to use them), but others can be left to the guests and mixture containers can be re-filled throughout the night. Practicing the construction process prior to the event with your team will help you discover kinks in the process and ensure the set-up is easy for guests to manage. Either way, this fun idea can add a spark of excitement to any event. Confetti_Web2   eNews December 2013

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