Creative Table Numbers

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June 14, 2013

Even the smallest part of your décor can have a big impact on your event. Whether you are looking for an elegant solution, a fun and creative design, or you want to make a statement, find inspiration from these table number ideas from event planners around the country. These simple designs combine the theme and color scheme of the event to blend in with the table décor. TableNo_Web1 TableNo_Web2 The use of framed signs has become increasingly popular in the past year and is a continuous trend  throughout the country. TableNo_Web3 These designs present the use of written numbers and innovative displays to make a statement. TableNo_Web4 TableNo_Web9 Another unique presentation is the use of cutout numbers like these. TableNo_Web5 This creative design combines the menu and the table number in an elegant display that cuts back on the need to print individual menus for each table. TableNo_Web6 Other designers wander away from traditional numbers and name tables after landmarks, city parks, countries, and places that are relevant or significant to the client. TableNo_Web7 Whereas others incorporate the numbers into the centerpieces and décor elements. TableNo_Web8 For more creative ideas for table numbers, follow our board on Pinterest. eNews June 2013

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