Celebrating Cultures Through Florals

For a designer, taking florals to new heights means having the ability to showcase how flowers can express a person's feelings. We represent our client's tastes like modern, romantic, traditional, or elegant, but more importantly, florals give us the opportunity to celebrate cultural traditions from any part of the globe by utilizing native flowers from the region.

Traditional Texas wedding. Photo courtesy Amy Elizabeth Birdsong

While we are based in Texas, we study and unearth what's meaningful to our client's cultural heritage and acknowledge those traditions with florals to celebrate their special event. 

Indian wedding. Photo courtesy Jerry Hayes

For instance, Indian weddings have many differences in traditions. They vary from the North side of India as well as the South.

Indian wedding. Photo courtesy Jerry Hayes

It doesn't matter if the ceremony is Pakistani, Hindu, Sikh or Punjabi, flowers have extraordinary importance as the selection of the flower type will be used in the vibrant color palette and accentuate the bride during the three day celebration.

Lisa & Lazaro's Hispanic wedding. Photo courtesy Christina Carroll Photography

Hispanic weddings use large amounts of white with a sprinkle of colored accents to further represent the purity of their ceremony and reception through the sacrament of marriage.

Melissa & Lauke Hispanic wedding. Photo courtesy Marisa Vasquez

What I love about my work as a designer is discovering and showcasing the transcendent power of flowers across each culture. They are transformative, significant, and possess a calming effect on the celebration of life no matter where they are from or what moment they are celebrating.  I'm honored to incorporate my client's traditions and culture into my designs—to create something that will create a lifetime of memories. 

Bouquet arrangement photo courtesy John Winters.

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Marcela Bogado Dhar


Marcela Bogado Dhar is the founder of a luxury, floral, and event design company Malleret Designs, based in Austin, TX. Marcela thrives when coming up with fresh, creative ideas to bring a vision to life through the art of floral design. Truly an expert in her field, Marcela has executed hundreds of events for not only brides, but also social and corporate clients like Blanton Museum of Art and Thinkery.


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