Certified Catering Consultants

Catersource has long-standing relationships with several professional catering consultants, and is happy to refer caterers to experts who can help you make your business even more successful. 
A new consultancy, Certified Catering Consultants, has been formed by Carl Sacks with many of the leading consultants in the industry. These consultants have a track record of success  with expertise in the catering industry’s most crucial business issues. Their hands-on approach they take has led their clients to greater profitability and success. They develop new ideas, implement best-practice guidelines and suggest effective strategies that can apply to your operations today. For more information, please visit certifiedcateringconsultants.com.


Carl Sacks


Meryl Snow


Anthony Lambatos


Jeff Ware


Lisa Richards



Bill Hansen



Michael Rosman


  Carl Sacks, Director of Consulting
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