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March 25, 2013

The 2013 Idea Factory Expo floor brought together hundreds of event professionals and suppliers, introducing us to thousands of new products that can be implemented into your upcoming events. Vendors from around the world showed us dozens of new trends, how to use the latest technology, and what the year ahead looks like for our industry. Here are just a few of the creative products and designs we saw around the show floor.

Dozens of flashy new linens and chair covers appeared throughout the show, giving us insight into upcoming trends and ideas for events.

Cool blacklight carpet and backdrops.

Showgirls showed off many exciting products including giant bird cages, champagne holders, temporary tattoos and body paint and much more!

Trendy designs for food and drink displays, like this champagne candelabra.

New and exciting concepts for event entertainment.

The National Ice Carving Association demonstrated creating some amazing ice sculptures, such as this sweetheart table and chairs!

Beautiful floral displays, like these hanging bird cages and whimsical vases.

And, finally, some intricate dessert displays that really take the cake! Every year the ideas gathered on the show floor help attendees to advance their events for the coming season, expand their expertise in new trends, and introduce new levels of creativity to their designs. To see more ideas and trends from the 2013 Idea Factory, follow us on Facebook and Pinterest.

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