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Using Podcasts to Elevate Your Catering Business

For a while, podcasts were slow-moving in terms of popularity. However, in the past few years, they’ve skyrocketed to become one of the best ways to consume media. In a society where everyone is constantly on the go, podcasts offer a convenient medium to gain knowledge, stay up-to-date on trends, and enjoy a laugh throughout the day.

In the catering industry particularly, there is always something new to know about the most popular dishes and ingredients. Likewise, there are countless business podcasts that can help you to hone your professional skills outside of the kitchen as well.

Whether it’s on your morning commute or during your afternoon gym session, incorporating podcasts into your daily routine is an excellent way to stay informed with minimal effort. However, listening to a podcast isn’t the only way to engage. Let’s look at how you can take advantage of this user-friendly medium to bring your business to the next level.

Become a guest

Most podcasts welcome guests on their show, and there’s no reason you can’t be one of them! As a featured guest, you open yourself up to the opportunity of increasing your credibility and boosting brand recognition throughout a receptive audience. Many podcast listeners have their favorite shows and place trust in their hosts, so you get to earn the third-party validation of being welcomed onto their show.

In terms of strategy, you need to ask yourself who you are trying to reach before you pitch yourself to any podcasts. If you are looking to reach prospective clients, it makes sense to submit to B2C podcasts in the culinary and special events spheres. On the other hand, a B2B podcast makes sense if you are trying to connect with industry peers and expand your network.

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Host your own podcast

Becoming a podcast host is an exciting endeavor, especially considering how easily accessible it can be. With a computer and microphone, you are halfway to building your own audience. Taking ownership of an ongoing podcast is a commitment, but one that will provide you with many benefits. It has the potential to put you on the radar for your target audience (especially those of younger generations), while also providing listeners with an authentic look at the brains behind your brand.

Your podcast can be used as a platform to not only sell the value of your services, but also carve out your role as a thought leader in the industry. While increased sales may be your main goal, you’ll also want to provide educational content that will identify you as an expert in your field. This may not have the immediate impact as a direct sales pitch, but developing a strong reputation will pay out in the long run.

Podcasts offer the unique value of being evergreen, as your content will remain available on the Internet for new users to find. Beyond the regular audience, new listeners can look back through the archives and listen to any episode they’d like. This essentially acts as an open door for new leads to find you. Additionally, some podcasts include highly detailed show notes for those who prefer to read, which effectively doubles the value by providing SEO benefits. 

If you’re ready to take the leap, start by listening to some new podcasts and getting a feel for the content and structure that you prefer. When you’re ready, prepare your submissions and reach out to your favorite hosts to pitch yourself as an expert. If it’s clear that you have a lot to say about your subject of choice, it may be time to consider starting your own. No matter your path, podcasts are truly an excellent way to elevate your marketing strategy and boost your company to new heights.


Andy Kushner

Creator/Host | The Wedding Biz

Andy Kushner is the creator and host of The Wedding Biz podcast, interviewing prolific thought leaders and talented icons within the wedding and events industry.