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Invest in Yourself if You Want Others to Invest In You, Part 2

In the February issue of Catersource magazine, I initiated a conversation about investing in yourself. We talked about identifying the problem, the lessons we can learn from a DIY wedding, self-inflicted damage, discovering what you are really good at, and finally, how smart businesses hire to their weaknesses. If you want to read more about these concepts, click on here you’ll be brought to my list of articles, which includes part 1. Let’s continue with the concept.

Which came first?
If you want to expand the number of weddings or events you do, where do you start? Do you first hire more DJs and buy more equipment? Or, do you first invest in the infrastructure to market, sell, and service those additional weddings and events? You’re going to have to do both, eventually, but especially given the longer lead time for a wedding, I would first invest in a better website, then better marketing, advertising, and branding, and then, when you see that it’s working the way you want, buy more equipment and hire more people.

Go big, or go home
When I started my speaking and consulting business I bought a new iPad. The Apple website said they would engrave something on it at no extra charge. I thought for a while about it, pondering over whether to put my name or company (too hard to sell or give away later), or some other phrase. Then, it came to me. Big things come to those who think big, so I had them engrave “Go big, or go home” on the back. Practice what you preach. Don’t just talk about being the best. Back it up by taking steps to get there—and be your own best cheerleader, too.

Don’t expect immediate results
There are very few switches you can flip to get instant results. That’s tough-love for a society that treasures instant gratification. You can’t make a great website in a day. You can’t learn a new skill in a day. Buying better online ad placement might help you get more clicks to your website right away, but if you haven’t already improved your website, you’ll be wasting those impressions. Don’t be discouraged. Decide what you want and then make a roadmap to get there.

It’s not for me to say what’s right for you. I help my clients achieve their goals, just as you help yours have their vision of their perfect wedding. Thanks for taking your time towards being the best you that you can be. In my next article, I’ll delve a little deeper into some of the things you can do, to invest your time and/or money, to move your business in whatever direction you’d like.

Alan Berg is a business consultant and the wedding and event industry’s only Certified Speaking Professional®, the highest-earned designation for a professional speaker, and a featured speaker at Catersource® each year. Find out more at Get more business ideas at Alan’s online learning portal www.WeddingIndustryInsiders.comSee him at CSES2016 next month, where he will be presenting three seminars, including Ace the Inquiry: Best Practices to Drive Conversion, Your Attitude for Success: Choose Your Attitude for a Better Perspective on Life and Work, and Your Website is Too Fat for Mobile Devices. Click here for more information.

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Alan Berg

Alan Berg

Marketing Guru,, Kendall Park, NJ

With more than 20 years in wedding & event related sales and marketing, Alan Berg has been called "North America's Leading Expert on the Business of Weddings & Events". He's uniquely qualified to help caterers achieve success in this most important sector of the business. As a highly regarded industry expert in all aspects of marketing, his knowledge and expertise can help practically any caterer move to the next level. As the author of the popular books "If your website was an employee, would you fire it?" and “Your Attitude for Success” (both in their 2nd editions) and the mini-book “Don’t Paint The House”.

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