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Four Easy & Free Ways to Keep Morale High

With the seasonality of catering, the busy season can begin to take its toll on catering companies across the country. With people working long hours and many days in a row, patience begins to be stretched thin and employees can be quick to react to situations and teammates in unfavorable ways. That’s why it is imperative for leaders to keep morale high among their teams. When people are happy, they are more productive and produce better results. Here are four easy ways to give your team members a little more pep in their step and put smile on their faces.

Say good morning

It sounds so obvious and simple, but most bosses don’t take time to acknowledge their employees when they arrive at work. A simple and sincere “hello” or “good morning” shows you care about your team. We all crave attention, and this simple act humanizes them and is a good reminder that they are people with emotions and feelings and not just a line item on the P&L statement.

Read positive reviews out loud

At Footers Catering we end our weekly team meeting by reading positive reviews that were posted online or sent via email by our clients. This is great because usually one or two people are recognized by name, making them feel great in front of their teammates.  Hearing about how our team helped to make someone’s day so special is also a great reminder of why we are all working so hard at our respective jobs.

Watch your body language

Teams look to their leaders for cues and many times will take on the emotions of those leaders. Be cognizant of how your own emotions are affecting the rest of your team. Try to avoid bringing negativity into the workplace and be careful crossing your arms, walking around with your head down, and being reluctant to smile. It is extremely important to be honest with your team and share tough conversations when necessary. At the same time your overall morale has a bigger impact on your team than you may realize.

Giving thanks

Another exercise we will do on occasion at Footers is “acknowledgements.” We go around the table at the start of a meeting and say; “I’m grateful for (insert team member name) for helping me with (insert what they did).” This makes the recipient feel good and many times they are surprised to hear the feedback. In addition to that, the person sharing their gratitude gets a morale boost for making someone else feel special.

I encourage you to take a walk around your company and answer the question: How is the morale on your team? Maybe it’s time to try a couple of these easy and free tips to boost performance and keep everyone motivated.    


Anthony Lambatos is the owner of Footers Catering, Denver, CO and is passionate about helping caterers create a culture that allows their businesses to thrive.

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Anthony Lambatos

Anthony Lambatos

Owner/CEO, Footers Catering, Denver, CO