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A “Total Game-Changer” to Help your Business – ICA Membership

As 2017 comes to a close, caterers are looking for ways to improve their business in the year to come. One of the ways that many caterers have elevated their businesses is by joining the International Caterers Association. We don't say that just to toot our own horn—we've heard it from caterers themselves. We checked in with several caterers who told us why ICA membership remains a valuable investment for them.

“Total game changer”
Two-year ICA member: Lee Anderson, executive chef and owner of Sugar Beach Events in Maui, Hawaii

"My first year as a member, I went to Art of Catering Food (AOCF) in Salt Lake City. I tell you, my mind was blown. This whole world of networking and knowledge-sharing had been going on without me. I could not believe I’d been missing out on so much. It was a total game-changer for my business."

CAPTION: Anderson’s ICA mentor, Debby Stein and Lee Anderson

About the Facebook Roundtable page: "It’s where I go to ask questions about aspects of the business in which I have less experience and to bounce ideas off of other members."

"I truly can say that ICA changed the way I look at my catering business and made me realize I was capable of so much more than I thought. I try to soak up as much information from our members as I can."

Oree-Bailey and Anderson at Catersource, New Orleans.

Three-year ICA member: Enjolik "Jolié" Oree-Bailey, owner and executive chef of Low Country Quisine just outside Dallas, Texas
"AOCF and Catersource have been extremely helpful in helping me build my business from the solopreneur stage to the operation that it is today, with more than 20 employees."

Oree-Bailey presenting at AOCF.

"The Facebook page is very useful. You can pose a question to the group and almost immediately get a range of feedback and answers. Trusted seasoned professionals share real-life experiences and suggestions."

"When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s easy to feel as though nobody understands what you go through every day. Especially when you’re an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, you can really feel as though you’re alone on an island. ICA creates a family environment, and everyone is always willing to help."

Oree-Bailey and Anderson attending a presentation.

Four-year ICA member: Jeremy W. Miner, director of operations at Empyrean Events and Catering and Empryean Cafe in Fort Wayne, Indiana
"Being a member of an organization like ICA presents opportunities and relationships that are invaluable to personal success and the success of your business."

Oree-Bailey and Anderson attending a presentation.

"The ICA Roundtable is a great tool that keeps a community of professionals connected and allows us to bounce ideas off each other and give/receive advice in real time. A professional who is newer in the industry can access a wealth of knowledge to help grow, maintain and protect business interests."

"When I am able to use ICA to connect and interact with other like-minded professionals in the industry, it’s a revitalizing feeling knowing that I am not the only crazy one who loves what I do. The camaraderie that is felt at conferences rejuvenates ideas and strengthens our drive. It reignites the passion to continue pushing the envelope of creativity."

Sugar Beach Events, Low Country Quisine and Empyrean Events and Catering are proud members of the ICA. To learn more, visit

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