Grown-Up Popsicles

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Beat the heat this summer with these grown-up treats!

In the blazing heat this summer, clients and caterers are looking for desserts and drinks that will cool guests off, while remaining fun and unique. A new twist on an original kids treat could be the answer you’re looking for and it’s for adults only!

These grown-up popsicles are the perfect addition to the menu! Offering many different options for flavor, color, size, and shape, you can change the recipe to match any party theme. With a perfect mixture of your chosen liquor and fruity flavor, popsicles are a great way to add a touch of fun and beat the heat at any outdoor event this summer.

          • Bourbon Peaches & Cream
          • Strawberry Margarita Pops
          • White Sangria Popsicles
          • Melon Margarita Pops

Popsicles are also a great way to add flavor to your drinks. Place your choice popsicle in a glass and pour in any liquor, from champagne to a vodka spritzer, for an added flavor. As the popsicle melts, the flavor will mix into the drink, adding a light flavor. This also has a fun and colorful appearance and guests will be intrigued to try this new treat.
           • Champagne Popsicles
           • Avocado Tequila Pops

While adding alcohol makes these specifically tuned towards your adult guests, you can also create these fun non-alcoholic versions. Play around with different flavor combinations to see which ones will keep all your guests craving more. Add in real fruit and herbs to create a modern version of the traditional childhood treats. Either way, your guests will be impressed with the creativity, while staying cool and enjoying the event.

           • Raspberries & Cream
           • Lemonade Cucumber Spa Popsicles
           • Blueberry Swirl Ice Pops

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