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And the winner is...

CATIE awards aren’t just decorative hardware for the office. They can also be powerful marketing and promotional tools.
By Mike Schulte for the International Caterers Association

As Seen In...Portland!

The Leading Caterers of America Executive Summit in Portland was awash in everything from break-time nibbles, chef station bites, full meals, libations, and many a siren-song trip to the venerable Voodoo Donut for ridiculously decorated confections.

Doughnut Rainbow at Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, OR | Left to right top center: The Loop, Grape Ape, Miami Vice, Voodoo Bubble


A Trip of the Tongue

ICA Culinary Learning Journey Opens New Frontiers for Members


Bright Lights, Big City

Jenna Johansen on cooking at the James Beard House


There are few honors more coveted by professional chefs than the opportunity to cook at the James Beard House in New York City’s West Village. The culinary lion’s home remains much as it was when Beard lived and cooked there, save for some modern equipment upgrades in the small kitchen. This is Yankee Stadium for gastronomes.

Break a Leg

In catering, as in the theater, the show must go on… sometimes with an understudy.

While there is no good time for a catering company to lose a principal to injury or illness; November and December may be the cruelest months to endure short handed. That’s precisely the dilemma a pair of prominent ICA-affiliated catering outfits have had to negotiate recently when their executive chefs were sidelined without warning.

In the Church of Catering and Fine Dining

At Vibiana, Former Restaurant Chef Neal Fraser Converts to Cater-ism

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