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Sign up now for your complimentary subscription to the award-winning, BPA-audited Catersource magazine, the B2B publication for qualified catering, event, foodservice, event, and hospitality professionals. Seven times a year, you can count on Catersource magazine landing in your mailbox, bringing you valuable information, insight, recipes, ideas, and perspective from industry professionals like you. Test out our recipes, try our suggested sales techniques, learn about new products, see innovation within every page. It's your best resource. 

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Catersource magazine in digital
Catersource is also available in digital format for you to read anytime, anywhere. The digital edition is available to you at home or at work and even on your mobile phone. Enjoy loading your Catersource magazine onto your iPad for a great read on-the-go.

All sections are laid out just as they are in the print edition you're used to, and are complemented with live links and additional tools.

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Don't forget to also create an account here on our website to access all of Catersource's current and past articles in our online library. The Library is located in our Resource area that also includes access to vendor listings, our exciting Forums, archives of our e-newsletter and so much more!

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Hello, prospective advertiser!

Catersource magazine

If you didn't read about how terrific Catersource magazine is (above), we will be happy to tell you again—Catersource is an award-winning, BPA-audited magazine, the B2B publication for qualified catering, event, foodservice, event, and hospitality professionals. We can't imagine why you wouldn't want to join with us as we forge a path for you to reach your target audience. But there's more: consider that Catersource is more than a magazine, it's an award-winning trade event, the Catersource and Event Solutions Conference & Tradeshow, held in Q1 each year, coupled with the boutique Art of Catering Food conference held in Q3. These events, whether you have a booth, sponsor a cooking competition or myriad event opportunities, or run a print ad, are your conduit to reaching your own business goals. 

Want to learn more? Email us!

Catersource online

Our new website is full of opportunity to target the demographic you hope to engage. Consider a homepage takeover for a day—or run of site bookend ads for a year. Either way (and there's actually many ways)—note that our new community-based website is an opportunity for dialogue and learning. Running your ad with targeted content or with a beloved blogger will get you noticed.

Ready to ask deeper questions? Contact:

Laurie Scheel
Advertising Director/Associate Publisher
Catersource Magazine
[email protected]
Direct: 612.253.2034

Kathryn Frankson
Senior Account Manager
Strategic Media Planning & Business Development
Catersource Magazine, Conference & Tradeshow
[email protected]
Direct: 612.253.2021

Dave Pruka
Director of Tradeshow Sales
Catersource Conference & Tradeshow
[email protected]
Direct: 612.253.2026


Catersource magazine is a brand you can trust to deliver your message. Catersource is independently audited by BPA, making it the only catering-specific magazine guaranteed to mail to almost 28,000 subscribers seven times a year. Invest your media dollars with complete confidence you are reaching your target market and getting the most from your advertising investment. Catersource's circulation reaches more catering-specific buyers than any other industry publication.

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