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Catersource 2014

Could you please tell me what the dates are for the Confernece in 2014 and where it will be held?
Thank you,
George Huger

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Good job Carl

Good job Carl

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Michelle, Every year, we host

Every year, we host a Catersource Forum Meet & Greet. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow caterers who post here on the Forum in person. It's connections and friendships with collegues in the industry that will prove just as valuable as the conference itself. I would encourage you to keep an eye out for the announcement for the the party as the conference draws near as it is usually announce only a few weeks prior to the conference.

Carl Clemetson
Hometown Elegance Catering
Minot, North Dakota

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2014 Catersource Conference &

2014 Catersource Conference & Tradeshow


We are already working to make this the best conference we have ever had.  We have had allot of good input and are already starting to set the education schedule.

Call or email me with any questions you have. I would be glad to address any question you may have.


hello  I would love to attend


I would love to attend the conference in LV 2014 and wondered when is the best time to purchase the tickets?  I have to say I will be attending alone and am little nervous since I don't know anyone who is attending is there a way to meet others?  I am from Southern Ontario and would love to chat with others in the area about what they have learned about the business from the conference.

Thank you ,Michelle

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