Schedule at a Glance

Complete session descriptions and event details can be found on other pages on our website, but here is a quick schedule snapshot to help you plan your trip:

8:00am Registration opens
8:30am All Access workshops
10:00am Coffee and iced tea
  Store opens
10:00am Sessions
11:15am Sessions
12:15pm break for lunch
1:00pm Sessions
2:15pm Sessions
3:30pm Sessions
4:45pm Event Solutions General Session with David Stark
5:45pm Welcome Reception
6:30am Coffee and pastries
7:00am Registration and Store open
7:30am Sessions
8:45am Catersource Opening Session with Alex Guarnaschelli
10:45am Sessions
12:30pm Trends Lunch and Power Lunch
2:15pm Sessions
3:30pm Sessions
4:45pm Sessions
8:00pm Monday Night Party, La Muse
7:00am Coffee and pastries
  Registration and Store open
7:15am All Access Breakfast & Roundtables
8:30am Featured Speaker Amy Atlas
9:30am Sessions
11:00am Tradeshow at the Las Vegas Convention Center
7:00pm Disrupt Your Status Quo Wedding Event presented by ISES
8:00am  Registration and Store open
8:00am Taste of Technology Breakfast
9:30am Tradeshow at the Las Vegas Convention Center
3:00pm Sessions
4:15pm Sessions
5:30pm Catersource/Event Solutions Closing Session with Peter Callahan
7:00pm La Vie en Couleur Industry Awards Presentation