Meet Catersource Ambassador, Bill Pannhoff

Bill Pannhoff has over 30 years experience in catering, currently as president of the highly successful catering company in North Carolina. He is highly regarded as an educator and mentor to middle market caterers, at all different stages of their business life cycle.
Bill will be the first to admit that he owes his success to being smart enough to invest in his business by investing in himself. A Catersource attendee since the very beginning, and now part of the Catersource team as a speaker and consultant, no one has more passion for the reasons you need to attend Catersource for the first time than Bill!

If you’re on the fence about whether or not Catersource is for you, he shares some insights you should consider.


The industry leaders are so accessible and eager to help. All of the speakers at Catersource are willing to freely give so much information. Approach them!


New Trends
It's amazing that the people who are gathered together to speak to you are the people that are setting the trends in this industry. Every year I look forward to bringing back new ideas to my market. In reality Catersource makes me a market leader and makes me look great in my clients eyes every year. I even tell my clients that I’m going to Catersource, and why, and they want to wait to meet with me until after I get back with all those great new ideas!


It’s a buying show
Catersource has assembled hundreds of vendors that are not only catering specific but are offering amazing discounts at the show. You will actually save money by shopping at the Catersource tradeshow every year!


Think outside of the box.
Too often we get stuck and we feel alone in our own markets. Caterers in the same market are seldom friends who talk to each, much less exchange ideas. At Catersource you’ll meet similar caterers from across the country who are more than willing to exchange ideas with you, without the fear of direct competition. This will give you a fresh perspective and outside of the box thinking will pay for the conference itself!


Not research and development but “Rob & Duplicate.” Thousand have gone before us and Catersource is a great platform to learn the ups and downs of their journeys. Whether you are a big or small caterer you do not have to go it alone, you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Steal a great idea, duplicate it, add your own spin – that’s the point of Catersource! The amount of information available to you through education is staggering.

Catersource Education has great ROI

"Here's an example of a few things that I put to work immediately in my business that brought me great return on my Catersource investment."

  • I learned how to create five new action stations in one year.
  • I sometimes hire actors from the local theater to interact with guests. People love this.
  • I realize that an Amuse Bouche course is a great first impressions and can be a new profit center. I charge $1.50 per person for this. Thank you, Catersource.
  • Short plates, the new trend and they’re not going away. I sat in a class and learned 25 new short plates that I could put to work and market profitably immediately. The chef even gave me the recipe cards, how easy is that?
  • In 2014 interactive parties are still the trend.
  • Wild vessels! We’ll put food in anything! If you don’t believe that, go to just one Catersource party. I take away more ideas from the Catersource parties than you can possibly imagine. Bring your camera, it's a special treat.

Catersource offers Education That's the Percect Fit

Bill Pannhoff is leading a special educational track at the 2014 Conference that's focused on smaller markets and businesses. Along with co-presenter Bill Hansen, this track will show you how to work more effectively and turn a larger profit or possibly grow your business.

This track is suggestions for specific areas of focus, but your full Conference registration includes access to more than 100 sessions, demos and presentations. You are encouraged to review the entire educational schedule, mix and match sessions and events, and customize a program that’s just right for you!

"I'd like to leave you with a quick tip. The conference is a lot like your business; you get out of it what you put into it. I remember when I started going to Catersource Conferences and seminars 23 years ago. My business needed a fresh perspective so I didn't treat this as a vacation, but as an opportunity to grow my business and to grow and mature personally. I went with the intent to work.

So, be ready to work. Plan to be up early and out late. Be ready to multitask and absorb all the new ideas coming at you all at the same time. Prepare yourself for physically and emotionally exhausting days. Go in with a system that will help you process the information you receive. If you call me I will send you a free system on how to catalog all the information you'll receive at Catersource 2014.

Honestly, it will change the way you do business, look at your business, bid on business, and move your business into the future. If I had a choice between getting a degree in Hospitality Management and attending Catersource conference, it is a simple decision: Catersource. I believe with all of my heart and soul that the most important thing is you and you can’t put a price on your happiness, health and well-being. Catersource is invested in you and your business. Call me with any questions you may have!"

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