Catering on-premise at a hotel, banquet, convention or event center has its own unique challenges and issues. How do you balance sales by booking more weekday events, compete with the other venues in your market to get the business, manage your labor for both cost and customer service levels, and increase your bottom line?


Sessions in the On-Premise/Hotel Track will help will help you solve those problems:

•  On-Premise Kitchen Confidential

  • •  On-Premise Sales and Marketing Think Tank
  • •  What About Tuesday? How to Sell Non-Prime Dates For On-Premise Venues
  • •  Heat ‘Em Up and Move ‘Em Out. Taking Your On-Premise Operation Off-Premise
  • •  Fueling Your Meetings. Getting Beyond Muffins and Coffee
  • •  Contemporary Culinary and Trendy Designs
  • •  Fun and Effective Team Building Exercises
  • •  The Service Games. Sharpen Your Teams Skills With Friendly Competitive Service Drills
  • •  Exceptional Service. A Blueprint For Streamlined Success
  • •  Great Metrics Challenge: Double Your Profit and Engagement
  • •  Small Plate, Small Wonders with an American Accent 
  • •  Easy Stunning and Delicious Passed Hors d’oeuvres
  • •  Sales Superstars Share Their Secrets of Success
  • •  Improve Your Email Communication Skills
  • •  Pricing Tactics for Banquet Halls, Hotels and On-Premise
  • •  From the Bride's Vision to Her Dream Wedding
  • •  All the World's a Table: Staging Your Tasting for the Perfect Performance
  • •  Marketing to Same-Sex Couples
  • •  Curating a Landscape at the Table
  • •  If I Had a Dollar for Every Time... The True Value of a Caterer's Time
  • •  Personalize and Stylize Every Wedding for Every Couple
  • •  The Art of Kathy G. and Company. Dazzling Design and Extraordinary Cuisine - Parts 1 and 2
  • •  Build a Modern Selling Strategy and Improve Performance
  • •  There Is No Money for Second Place. Closing the Sale

Nonstop Learning Opportunities!
The 2014 Catersource Conference & Tradeshow has so much to offer! These tracks are suggestions for specific areas of focus, but your full Conference registration includes access to more than 100 sessions, demos and presentations. You are encouraged to review the entire program, mix and match sessions and events, and customize a program that’s just right for you!

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