Making the right investment in education is more important now than ever. You need resources to maintain effective back-of-house and guest service procedures that will put you ahead of your competition while also managing finance, employee relations and the bottom line.


Sessions in the Business/Operations Track will help you manage your assets and resources to achieve even greater success:

•  Don't Be Satisfied with Mediocre.

  • •  Hiring and Retaining Top Level Staff
  • •  Developing a Working Budget for
  • •  Corporate Drop-Off Catering
  • •  The 3 Ps of Customer Service. Purpose, Passion and Plan
  • •  Orchestrating the Perfectly Organized Event
  • •  The Life Cycle of a Catering Company
  • •  Trend Forecast 2014. Translating Fashion into Designs that Sell
  • •  Learn the 5 Cs for a Better Website and
  • •  More Effective Social Media & Wedding Marketing
  • •  Flipping the Switch. Understanding Today's Generation and Helping Them Develop a Road Map to Success
  • •  Small Caterers Can Do Large Events
  • •  Improve Your Email Communication Skills
  • •  Managing With An Advantage
  • •  The Perfect Fit: Education Crafted for Building
  • •  A Successful Catering Company. Management - Where the Rubber Meets the Road
  • •  If I Had a Dollar for Every Time... The True Value of a Caterer's Time
  • •  Bigger is Better. An Exploration of Catering the Primetime Emmy Awards

Non-stop Learning Opportunities!
The 2014 Catersource Conference & Tradeshow has so much to offer! These tracks are suggestions for specific areas of focus, but your full Conference registration includes access to more than 100 sessions, demos and presentations. You are encouraged to review the entire program, mix and match sessions and events, and customize a program that’s just right for you!

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